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Twenty first birthday photo booth hire

If a family member or friend will be celebrating their 21st birthday party in the near future, you should make sure that his or her special day will never be forgotten. One of the best ways to do this is with a photo booth. Nowadays, taking photos is more popular than it has ever been before. Thanks to social media and new modern technology, people post photos online of every occasion. Unfortunately, many of these photos are taken on mobile phones, which are hardly known for taking high quality photos or typically the setup is just “wrong”. However, there is a much better photographic alternative you should seriously think about. What about hiring a photo booth in Perth or Margaret River?

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High quality photo booth photos for your guests to enjoy

You do not want your guests to have to rely on low quality mobile phone photos to remember your friend’s 21st birthday. When you hire a photo booth for your party, you will be enabling every person at the party to get photos printed that are a much higher quality than any mobile phone is capable of producing. No blurriness, just crystal clear photos that your guests can post on social media to share with all of their friends. Very similar to a photo studio shoot.

The bigger the party, the better

If you are throwing a big bash for your 21st and you are concerned one photo booth might not be enough to handle the entire crowd, just leave everything to us. A second photo booth can be provided for those extra large gatherings of more than 200 people. Normally we have a fairly good idea of how many people our booths can accommodate without having long queues form to use the booth.  Our open style booths are great for big groups of people.

Photo booth Prints provided in a flash on the spot

If your guests want to pick up some prints before they leave, they can be produced in under 10 seconds. There are a few print options available or your 21st birthday party photo booth. From the standard 4 photo’s per print to a single postcard print.

All photo booth photos will be provided on a USB on the day of the event

At the conclusion of the proceedings, you will receive a memory stick that includes all of the photos taken during the party. If any guests want some photos from the party at some point in the future, you will be able to provide them. Give us a call to discuss how a photo booth hire can enhance your 21st birthday party.

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