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Tips for Hiring a Wedding Photo Booth for Your Wedding in Perth

Photo booths are excellent additions to any wedding. Not only do guests line up to use a photo booth, but also these unique attractions provide souvenirs that are hard to otherwise replicate. When hiring a photo booth in Perth, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the options. Therefore, consider the following tips to find the right photo booth for your big day.


1.     Printer Quality

Fun times in a photo booth

Fun times in a photo booth


Even the best images need to be printed to be enjoyed. Some photo booth companies use low quality printing techniques, resulting in photos that are not true to life. Worse, poor quality printers often produce photos that fade over time. Photo booths are great for creating memories that last, so make sure the company uses a printer that will make that happen.


2.     Image Quality


Almost every photo looks good as a thumbnail. Most will even look good as wallet-size prints. However, if the image has a lower resolution, then it may start to lose its integrity when made larger. Some photo booth photos will even be equal to some of the professional photos taken, as far as the way people allow themselves to be captured, as some people tend to relax more in a photo booth environment and therefore more natural fun posses are captured and these can make for some beautiful photos, but if the image quality is not good enough, there will be no way to make those photos larger. Therefore, when hiring a photo booth in Perth, ask about the image quality in advance.


3.     Spare Parts


Using a photo booth is easy. Maintaining one is not as easy. Always ask the company about what spare parts will be available during the wedding and how easy it is to fix any problems that may arise. There is no way of predicting when certain bulbs or other parts may malfunction and if such parts are not fixed on the spot, then the photo booth is useless.


4.     Photo Booth Attendant


A good photo booth company will make sure that their photo booth comes with an attendant, the attendant should also be included in the cost of the hiring. So ask if an attendant comes with the photo booth that you hire. They should be there for the whole time you have hired your photo booth, to make sure the photo booth runs smoothly and also help with the operation of the booth itself, therefore making sure the happy couple and their guests are able to just enjoy the fun elements, without having to concern themselves with the technical side of it all, as once you have hired your photo booth, you should be able to have the reassurance that everything is taken care of from that point on.


5.     Contract

Twins in the Photo Booth!

Twins in the Photo Booth!


A credible photo booth company will always have a contract for couples to sign in order to clarify the details of the arrangement. This contract should account for the cost of service and any additional charges. It should also guarantee exactly how long the photo booth will be available.


By considering these factors, it is easy to sort through the competition. Therefore, do not miss out and look into hiring a photo booth in Perth for your upcoming nuptials!


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