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Have a Reel Time Photo Booth on Your Wedding Day – Perth or Margaret River

Your big day has finally arrived and you have everything arranged, which includes your Professional Photographer and Videographer, but wait, just think how much fun it would be to also have a Photo Booth at your wedding in Perth o r Margaret River, a fresh and new way to capture different and unique pictures and even video messages from your loved ones and friends, go for the trifecta by adding a Reel Time Photo Booth to the mix and have your incredible day captured in moving colour by your Professional Videographer, have your beautiful traditional pictures captured by your Professional Photographer and then as an added fun filled bonus, you can have special and even quirky pictures taken of your loved ones and friends as they have pictures taken of themselves, as a pair or as a group and they would also be able to leave a special message for the lovely bride and groom at the Photo Booth.

wedding photo booth stripsPhoto Booths add an element of relaxed enjoyment, which is a great tool to have available when it comes to having pictures and video messages taken, as some people find it hard to truly relax and let their hair down when suddenly placed in front of a camera or video camera and therefore some pictures and video moments that are captured on your special day can come across as a little awkward, which is just a natural thing that can occur as some people are quite camera shy. One very user friendly way to get around this kind of shyness, would be to have on offer a way in which your loved ones and friends can at their own leisure and when they feel ready, can make their way to the Photo Booth you have set up and have some awesome and enjoyable pictures taken as this time they chose to get in front of the camera, which can make all the difference, with your Reel Time Photo Booth also comes your very own on-site professional attendant included in the price, so if anyone is unsure of how to use the Photo Booth as it may be their first time, their friendly attendant will be able to assist them and even recommend adding some fun props that are also available with the Photo Booth, to really add that fun factor and dress it up so to speak!

Reel Time Photo Booths are also equipped with a professional DSLR camera and a top quality printer and printing paper, unlike general basic clunky Photo Booths that are only equipped with a webcam. This way you are guaranteed that your memories will be captured for you in beautiful clarity for you to be able to treasure for always and an added bonus to a Reel Time Photo Booth is that not only do you receive a copy of all the pictures taken, the participant also receives a copy on the spot so they too can enjoy the memory of the fun moments they helped create at your beautiful wedding and the ability to be able to leave a video message at the Photo Booth for the gorgeous bride and groom, adds a very special element to the mix indeed.

So please contact us at Reel Time Photo Booths and look into hiring a Photo Booth in Perth or Margaret River for your upcoming nuptial and add that extra special spark to an already amazing day, one that will continue to keep giving long after the day itself, with all the fun, wonderful and loving memories your Photo Booth will provide in its own unique form of photography!

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