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Share your New Year and the resolutions with your friends!

Share your New Year and the resolutions with your friends!

New Year Eve parties are a time to remember the old, and think what you would have done different if you could start over. Many people like to have a certain day where they can say, “This year, it will be different.” And so they plan a celebration to commemorate the impending change. Have you ever though of renting a photo booth to capture your pensive and elated looks as the New Year is ushered in?

How does a photo booth fit in to New Year Eve parties?

The mobile photo booths that Reel Time Photo Booths provide for hire will fit into most spaces, making it an ideal form of entertainment on the night. The props that Reel Time Photo Booths provide will fit it with most themes that you choose for your New Year Eve parties, and we even provide a photo booth attendant to do all the snapping. No more selfies that shows only half of someone’s face.

When you hire a photo booth from us for your celebration we will deliver, set up and the collect after the party. You will get unlimited photos and your choice of photo formats. You can even choose whether you would like it in black and white or full colour photos. You could design a logo for your party and send it to us and we will include that on the photo strip. Online social network sharing is also available.

A Reel Time Photo Booth is value for money and with our experience in adapting to our client’s expectations, you know that you will get beautiful sharp and clear photos taken by high quality DSLR cameras, prints printed within 8-10 seconds on high quality paper and the choice of pass word protected galleries or ready for Facebook uploads.

There are many ways to celebrate the New Year, though it seems that fireworks, bubbly and new resolutions are unanimous with most celebrations in Perth. Write down your resolution, stand at the photo booth and snap! Now you have a reminder of what you want to achieve during the year.

To enquire about our package pricing information and the availability of our photo booths for your New Year’s Eve Celebration in Perth and Margaret River, please call us on 0400 777 979 or email us at  You could also visit our website to have a look at our galleries and other services we provide.

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