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Photo Booth for Hire in Perth|30th Birthday Party

Hire a Reeltime photo booth to capture your 30th Birthday Party get together

‘Everything I know, I learned after I was thirty.’ (Georges Clemenceau) What better way to celebrate the knowledge you have gained, than with a photo booth at your 30th birthday party celebrations in Perth.

30th Birthday Photo Booth hire in Perth

30th Birthday Photo Booth hire in Perth

Make your 30th Birthday Party Photo Booth one to remember

By the time that you turn thirty you have put in the effort, walked the hard yards and now you can afford to pull out all the stops in celebration of a special day. In your first thirty years you have discovered what you like and what you want and you have the freedom to ask for it. Turning thirty is not just another number anymore, it truly is a big deal.

30th Birthday Parties are a reason to get together

If a 30th birthday party is a reason to get together, then surely a photo booth is instrumental in recording the memories that are created in such a festive get together. Think about it, over the last couple of years you have accumulated new friends and possibly new family if you got married in the last decade. There may even be children in this mix. What a happy, happy day to share the fun and laughter with recently acquired and hopefully long and trusted friends.

Photo booth hire for your 30th Birthday party

Photo booth hire for your 30th Birthday party

Perth and Margaret River hired photo booths always have props present

Have you always wanted to try a different persona? A photo booth presents the ideal opportunity to let your hair loose and take on, even if it is just for a short while, that personality which you have been burning to let loose! Your kids could become little mini-you’s and your can revel in the wonder and enjoyment that you see in their eyes. For a moment in front of a camera you and your loved ones can capture an image that you will never be able to reproduce. An image that will show case your uniqueness. Go on, wear a feather boa, don a hat, kick off your heels, and have fun! You only turn thirty once in your life.

Celebrate what you have learnt in the past thirty years and be quietly thankful that you have survived. Turning thirty is not the end. You are not old and over the hill. You will not feel any different at thirty than you did at twenty. Turning thirty is the beginning of a new decade in your life. Make it count!

Hope you enjoyed our blog on 30th Birthday Party Photo Booth Hire in Perth and Margaret River.

Feel free to give us a call on 0400777979 should you wish to discuss your birthday party in a bit more detail.

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