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Can I order more than one photo booth for my event?

Photo Booth Hire

Yes, you can book as many as you require. They will be subject to availability as we might already have a few booked on your date. We advise our clients to book our services as soon as possible.

How long in advance should we book the photo booth?

What to ask about your photo booth hire in Perth?

Our photo booths are very popular. We do have multiple booths available but do find that we book them out fairly quickly. Our advice is to secure your event date as soon as possible, which requires putting down a small deposit to hold your photo booth(s).

Is there a formal agreement or contract if we hire a photo booth?

Yes, in order to protect our clients and ourselves we require a written agreement. This assists us and our clients in having a memorable experience with no room for miscommunication. Everybody is well informed on what service they have booked with us and also how our clients are protected.

Do you require a deposit to confirm our booking?

Yes, we require a $250 deposit to secure your photo booth for your event.  You will be sent a confirmation and receipt for the deposit paid. In the event of cancellation of your booking, this deposit is non-refundable. Our photo booths are extremely popular.

Will there be an attendant at the booth?

Yes, we always leave a Ticket Master (our attendant) at the photo booth for the full duration of your hire agreement. This assists you and your guests in maximising the time in the booth and to just have fun, without having to concern themselves with how to operate the booth correctly for maximum results. There are some Dos and Don’ts that our Ticket Master will discuss.

Do you allow food and drinks in the booth?

No. We found that liquid and electricity do not work well together and would ask our guests not to enter with food and drinks. Due to our insurance requirements we will refuse entry to guests that won’t adhere to these rules.

What do you need for your booth to operate?

We require:

  • An earthed power point (Not to be shared)
  • Free access to the area where we need to setup
  • Flat and dry location, not near water please
  • Smoke free area
  • We require about 3 x 2 meters for the booth. Keep in mind you need a bit more space as people will love our booths and will queue to use them
  • An hour to setup before you require our services to commence

Will the printer run out of ink or paper?

Photo booth FAQ

In the event that it does happen, as your guests have gone crazy over our photo booth, our attendant will restock the printer, as we make sure we have enough printing paper on hand to allow for this kind of occurrence. We always carry spare printer paper (media) and ribbon for our photo printers.

What if something breaks or fails on the photo booth?

Our company have multiple booths. If it is a simple error or breakdown, we can simple swap it out with one of our spares. Should something major go wrong, we would attempt to replace it within an hour. Although this has never happened to us, as we make sure we use the highest quality in the design and manufacture stage.

What if your booth does not show up?

If something major happens, like an accident, we would generally know about it an hour before your event should start. We have back-up booths in place that we can dispatch within 30 minutes to an hour. We will stay a bit longer to make up for any loss of time.

How many photo booths do you have?

We have multiple photo booths. They are not all the same as we cater for different events and require different styles of photo booths for different events. We can basically use any of our photo booths providing we have the space to set them up in. You can hire as many as you would require.

I have seen some very poor quality photo booth photos. What makes yours different?

The photo booth is basically a mini professional studio. Like in a normal studio your quality will be dependant on:

  1. Your light source (Flash)
  2. Your Camera
  3. Your back drop
  4. Your prints

You will be pleased to know that our photo booths print high quality photos. This is due to the fact that we do not use webcam cameras, but high quality professional DSLR cameras with some of the best lenses you can buy.

  1. We use equivalent to studio flashes to light your guests
  2. DSLR camera
  3. Dependant on your event but mostly black or white
  4. High quality photo printer

Do my guests have to pay for any of the prints?

No, you have unlimited sessions included in your package depending on the amount of hours you have booked.

Can I change my package on the night?

Yes, you are able to change your package to a higher package, but it will be a C.O.D. order as we will deliver our final product on your event date and would require full payment on the day.

Do you have an “idle policy”?

Yes, we allow a 30-minute window called an idle policy. This is for example, if your wedding was unforeseeably delayed due to rain or the bride was running late. We will allow an additional 30 minutes from the scheduled contracted start time. Thereafter we charge $65 per hour until we start taking the first photos in the booth. Our start time is your selected start time or after the idle time we commenced with the first photo booth photos. You can select in advance if you want to make use of our “Idle Policy”.

Can I book an additional hour of the photo booth’s time?

Yes, you can book an additional hour at a rate of $130 per hour and this rate includes our Ticket Master.

What if my event date changes?

Providing we still have booths available on the new date, we will attempt to accommodate you as much as possible. Should we be notified 60 days prior to your event, there should be no additional charge to you. If you move the date within 60 days of the booked and confirmed event date, you may forfeit your deposit.

My event will no longer be in the metro area. Will you be able to accommodate booths in remote areas?

Yes, we service a range of areas in WA. Please send us the relevant information. There are some areas with rough terrain we will decline due to the risk of damaging our equipment while being transported. This has very rarely happened before. We have even once had a private plane fly us in to a VERy remote area! Yes, we have a light photo booth that we can fly with should it be required.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are insured for Public Liability Insurance on all our photo booths and our business activities.

Do you have emergency power for your photo booth?

We have emergency lights for our photo booth to insure the safety of our guests. Our attendant will operate the emergency light. The back up light is purely to provide a safer environment during a power cut. Our service is dependent on power supply by the electricity provider. We cannot be held liable for non-performance due to a power cut, as it will be outside of our control. Our terms and agreement will clearly state how our refund policy works. There will be no refund in case of a power failure.

Do you allow custom backdrops?

Some of our clients have themed events. We are more than happy to assist and work within our boundaries to assist. Should you provide your own backdrop, we will set it up to the best of our ability to provide the highest quality of photos. In some cases you can hire some backdrops from us.

What will happen if your operator falls ill?

Never happened, but should it happen we can dispatch our back-up crew to take over. All our staff is fully trained to operate the booths

Do you have any idea what photography is about? Why not just hire it from the make-up lady that rents out photo booths in Perth and Margaret River?

Well, ‘Reel Time Photo Booths’ is owned by a photography and video production company. Why would you hire your dress from the florist? As professional photographers and videographers in Perth, we know enough about photography to assist you in making your memories even more memorable. We have been doing photography for more than 20 years and have the ability to “assist and direct” your guests should it be required and as previously mentioned, we also provide high quality professional DSLR cameras with some of the best lenses available within our photo booths, therefore guaranteeing studio quality prints of the photos taken.

Can you record video messages within the booth?

Yes, we can provide you with a copy of the video messages your guests leave for you. No longer do you need a videographer in Perth to walk around and ask your guests to speak into the bright light, this also allows your videographer to be able to use their time more productively, by being able to capture other events happening that they may have missed while they were trying to get personal messages from your guests for you. This way your guests can come and select either a photo or a video message in the privacy of the photo booth at their own leisure.


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