Hire a photobooth for a party in Perth or Rottnest Island?

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Hire a photobooth for a party in Perth or Rottnest Island?

Posing ideas for a when you Hire a photobooth in Perth or on Rottnest Island.

Having a photobooth at a party in Perth always means striking a pose. There are the old tried and tested favourites of sticking out your tongue, lopsided smile and, maniacal grins. You, however are not the average Joe Bogg, are you?

Here are some ideas to try when you are introduced to the photobooth you hire in Perth.

1. Hire a photo booth and tell a story

Hire a photo booth and tell a story

Photo booths are the ideal instruments when you want to tell a story

Remember that photobooths give you photo strip printouts. These are usually printed within 8-10 seconds. Tell a story with every little window in the strip. Just think about it, you can use the open ended photo booths of Reel Time Photo Booths as a tool to create your own photo book story!

2. Be in love when you hire a photo booth in Perth!

If you happen to be in love with the person you are sharing the photobooth with, make a heart with your hands, plant a surprise kiss on your love’s lips, blow a kiss and catch it. You can be a corny as you like. It’s your photo and you can snap it as you want.

3. Hanging out with your girlfriends in our photo booths?

When you hire a photo booth for your Rottnest Party take photos of your and your friends

Get all you girlfriends at the photo booth for your Rottnest Party and celebrate girl power.

Now you have the time to be badass like Charlie’s angels, or even Thelma and Louise. You can imagine you are Naomi Campbell gracing the catwalk or even become catwoman a’la Michelle Pheifer. Fancy some sensuality? Why not mimic a belly dancer?

4. Having a bunch of guys at the photobooth?

Now is the time to flex those big guns and try and impress all around with the bicep curling you’ve been doing. Doing a fake fightclub, may even be on the cards. You could even nerd up a bit and try and look uber intelligent.

Hire a photo booth and flex your muscle

When you hire a photo booth for a Rottnest party you can flex your muscles or have a mock fight.

5. Just by yourself?

Use the drink in your hand and use it as a pose. Do a slow motion moonwalk over the strips. Get footloose like Kevin Bacon or take a selfie at the photobooth.

Photobooths at parties are trending at the moment and the opportunity to really let your hair down and have fun has never been this easy. Do not be caught unprepared for the event of debuting your posing skills in front of the photobooths. The DSLR cameras we use will contribute to the professional look of the strips in your hands; you just have to add the attitude.

You could even share your photos with all of your followers on the world wide web as our photobooths have the ability to share on Facebook.

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