Hire our photo booth for your Woodstock Themed Christmas Party

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Hire our photo booth for your Woodstock Themed Christmas Party

Hire our photo booth

Hire a photo booth for your Woodstock Christmas’s theme photo booth

Hire our photo booth for your Woodstock Christmas’s theme photo booth

Sex, drugs and rock and roll and a lot of mud was all central to the Woodstock Music festival in August of 1969. It seems that this year is the year of Woodstock themed Christmas Parties and if you are planning one, it is a good idea to take a page from the book on what went wrong with the Woodstock Festival, and make sure that your party does not follow the same route, especially with the photo booth you will be renting to capture all the rocking and rolling that will be taking place at your party in Perth. Ideally you may want to look at hiring Hire a photo booth for your Woodstock Themed Christmas Party in Perth or Margaret River.

Location, location, location… is very important.

The location of a Christmas party is often a key player in the success of such a party. Do you want a place with a view? Or a hall big enough for two hundred? Make the arrangements well in advance to avoid disappointment. Luckily our photo booths are pretty adaptable to any space, so you would not need to worry too much about it.

How many heads do you count?

Christmas Photo Booth hire

Christmas Photo Booth hire

There is so much that depends on the number of people that will attend a Christmas function. Will it be five of fifty? The catering has to be just right with the numbers and once again the venue must be able to host the numbers as well. Your team must be appointed before hand and have know what is expected of them. Our Perth based photo booths can fit quite a few people and should not be a worry of yours on the night. You will be able to get all of your closest work colleagues in front of the backdrop for a smokin’ hot shot.

Do people know how to get there?

Directions are very important and you have to take public transport and accessibility into account when you plan your Woodstock Themed party. Do not be caught off guard by almost half a million people that are blocking all the entrance ways.

Music, music, music
Christmas Photo booth fun

Christmas Photo booth fun

Play Richie Havens, Sweetwater, Joan Baez, Santana, Janis Joplin, The Greatful Dead and The Who. Do not do One Direction or Kanye West or even Taylor Swift, no matter how much you want to ‘Shake it off’. And do not… absolutely do not forget Jimmy Hendrix.


Lastly, stay within your budget, do not copy the organisers of Woodstock by being over a $1 million in debt. Luckily our Christmas photo booths will not put you back that much, in fact it may just be the cheapest entertainment of the night. It may very well also be the best memories you will have in a long time to come.


Feel free to give us a call on 0400777979 should you wish to discuss how you can hire a photo booth to capture all the memories of your Woodstock themed Christmas party being celebrated fourty six years later in a bit more detail. You can also view our Photo Booth for hire Packages.

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